4 Spin Bike Workout Benefits And How They Work

If you are looking for a great workout that burns a lot of calories, consider taking a spinning class. Spin bike workouts have so many benefits, a few are listed below.

Benefits Of Spin Bike Workouts

1. Tone Muscles – Toning your core muscles is a breeze with a spin bike workout. As you ride the bike you can increase and decrease the tension. This will stimulate riding up and down hills. You can also tighten your abdominal muscles if you maintain the proper position while riding the bike.  weight training, fat to fit, fitness, pilatesWhen you pedal fast you put your body in fat burning mode. When you pedal slow and increase the tension it works on your muscles. 

2. Increases Endurance – Endurance is important in a various parts of our lives. If you do a spin workout on a regular basis you will start to notice an increase in your cardio endurance. You know that flight up stairs you can’t go up without running out of breath? Increased endurance will help with that.

3. It Relieves Stress – Stress can kill you. Literally! Anything you can do to help relieve it is a good thing. Taking a spinning class can be just the relief you need. I must warn you, spin bike workouts are very intense. If you are new to this make sure you opt for the beginner workout.

4. It Burns A Lot of Calories – It doesn’t take long for the calories to add up during a spin bike workout. You can burn over 400 calories in just 30 minutes. When you compare that to other workouts you will see just how effective this type of workout can be. To burn even more calories you can increase the level of resistance. If you are new start off with very little resistance and work your way up.

How To Use A Spin Bike  spin class, spin bikes, weight loss, fat to fit, burn calories on a spin bike

• If you know how to ride a regular bike you should have no problem with a spin bike. The only difference is you can adjust a variety of different things.

• Before you begin your workout make sure your bike is positioned correctly.

• Your riding position will determine how effective your workout is as well as how comfortable you are during the workout.

• Start by adjusting the height of the seat. To get the proper height, get on the bike and start to pedal backwards. When you get to the down position your knees should be fully extended. If you are rocking side to side you need to lower the seat a bit. You shouldn’t have to point your toes to get a full extension.

• Next you want to adjust the handlebars. If the handlebars are in the wrong position it can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. You should be able to comfortably bend your elbows while you are riding the bike. You should be able to reach all positions with ease.

• Last but not least, adjust the straps or clips if you are wearing cycling shoes. Your feet should be securely strapped into the pedals. This is what allows you to have a smooth stroke with ever pedal.

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