9 Benefits Of Pilates And How This Workout Works

Pilates is a workout routine that was introduced to the masses in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates.  The main purpose of Pilates is perfect body coordination with emphasis on strengthening the body and obtaining perfect spinal alignment for proper posture.  A number of machines are used in Pilates to improve body flexibility (The Reformer, the Cadillac, the spine corrector, the ladder barrel and wunda chair among others introduced recently into the market).

A mat is also used for Pilates where machines are not available; therefore anyone can do the workout at home after being instructed by a reputable Pilates instructor.   Furthermore, there are several instructional YouTube and videos about Pilates available online that one can follow to do Pilates in the comfort of their home.  It is necessary to obtain the advice of your doctor if you have a medical condition before beginning any workout program.

9 Key Benefits Of Pilates


Benefit 1: Weight Loss  pilates, health and fitness, exercise, weight loss, cardio

Pilates is a workout program that allows burning of extra calories consumed when done regularly. Therefore consistency is very important for desired results; furthermore eating a healthy diet rich in fiber is recommended while doing Pilates to get rid of stubborn fat reserves in the body.

Benefit 2: Get Rid of Waste in the Body

Deep breathing is part of Pilates; therefore improved blood circulation is enabled promoting getting rid of waste in the body.  For that reason a number of Pilates instructors recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day to help the body clean its systems.

Benefit 3: Strengthens the Body  weight training, fat to fit, fitness, pilates

Pilates is a resistant workout that strengthens and tones the muscles in the body for more strength in your daily activities.  As a result the workout must be done in the proper manner to avoid hurting the muscles; increasing the resistance moderately is recommended for a fit and healthy body.

Benefit 4: Heals aches and Pain

A number of people have testified to the fact that pain in their lower back reduced or stopped after they started the Pilates workout.  A reputable Pilates instructor is able to guide on the right movements that will promote proper spinal alignment to stop pain in the lower back caused by the type of work one does.

Benefit 5: Proper Posture  posture, health and fitness, pilates, fat to fit

Standing tall is a sign of confidence that helps make a great first impression; therefore Pilates workout should be done at least two or three time a week to obtain the desired outcome.

Benefit 6: Improved Flexibility

As one gets older the muscles get rigid reducing flexibility when moving about; for that reason Pilates workout should be embraced to strengthen and tone the muscles to make it easier to go up the stairs or get the chores done faster.

Benefit 7: Get Rid of Stress

Pilates coordinates the body mind and spirit; therefore it is possible to get rid of everyday stress through Pilates workout.  Since the workout can be done on a mat one does not need to have lots of money to get it done. Always remember to warm-up before beginning a workout program to allow your muscles to stretch to avoid injuries to the tissue.

Benefit 8: Improved Mind Health 

A lot of concentration is required in a Pilates workout; therefore the mind is involved in the process helping it remain healthy even as one ages.  Furthermore, Pilates is recommended for persons who are easily distracted to help them increase their concentration ability in due course.

Benefit 9: Beautiful Skin  beautiful skin, health and fitness, pilates, exercise, metabolism

Increased blood circulation due to deep breathing included in the Pilates workout provides more oxygen into the body that contributes to beautiful skin.  Furthermore, since waste is eliminated from the body, good health is achieved, which, is reflected by gorgeous skin.

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