Johnny Stewart Interview

Carolina Bodybuilding candid, sitdown interview with IFBB Pro, Johnny Stewart.

For the past 30 years, Johnny has been a successful Bodybuilding competitor winning over 6 national championships, placing 2nd in the 2003 Mr. Olympia Masters, and recently placing 2nd in the 2006 IFBB Masters Pro World. He’s also been coaching several national and professional level figure and bodybuilding competitors for over 15 years. Johnny’s resume also includes certifications in both Personal Training and Nutrition. He also owns and operates several Stewart Fitness Personal Training Studios throughout the Charlotte and surrounding area. He’s also a partner in Planet Nutrition Supplement Store and he’s endorsed by SprayFlex. Stewart’s personal achievements include being a successful bodybuilding competitor for the past 25 years, winning six national championships such as winning the Team Universe Championships twice, Lightweight Mr. USA, etc.

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