peanut butter smoothie, high protein smoothie, breakfast smoothie, breakfast alternative

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

This is a great peanut butter and banana protein smoothie to drink after exercising to replenish fluids or as a...

chocolate protein dessesrt, mug cake, chocolate mug cake, after workout dessert

Banana Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

This scrumptious Chocolate Banana Protein Mug Cake is a quick breakfast, snack or dessert option. The perfect chocolate fix, when...

turkey bean soup, healthy soup, vitamen soup, healthy eating, cancer-fighting fiber

Healthy Turkey, Bean, Spinach Soup

This soup satisfies all those cravings you have when you want some warm comfort food.  With this Turkey, White Bean...

protein pancakes, protein food, weight loss, ketogenic pancakes, healthy eating, high protein breakfast

Best Protein Pancakes

These low-carb Protein pancakes are a delicious and healthy recipe that are packed with protein, fiber and whole grains, all...

protein bars, energy balls, low calorie, protein balls, peanut butter recipe

No-Bake Energy Bites

These are so very healthy and tasty, you won’t be disappointed.  More healthy than a cookie.  Just the right pick-me-up...

healthy eating, fat to fit, fitness, exercise, clean eating

5 Tips to Start Eating Clean Today

Eating clean may seem like a simple notion but adopting the lifestyle itself can prove challenging for most. Whole foods...

rowing maching, rowing workouts, weight loss, full body workouts

Benefits of a Rowing Machine Workout

If you are looking for a low impact workout that get results, a rowing machine workout is what you want. ...

stair stepper, fat to fit, fitness with a stair stepper, health and fitness

Stair Stepper Machine Workout Benefits And How They Work

At one point in time stair steppers were the go-to machine in every gym across the nation. However, their popularity...

4 Kettlebell Workout Benefits

Kettlebell workouts have become extremely popular over the last several years. This is because more and more people are starting...

kickboxing, fitness, kickboxing class, benefits of kickboxing

Kickboxing Workout Benefits For Fitness And Weight Loss

If you are looking for a tough workout that will get you in shape fast you need to check out...

weight loss, bike exercise

Benefits of Stationary Bike Workouts

The stationary bike is without a doubt one of the most popular pieces of home workout equipment. It comes in...

healthy protein cocoa balls, healthy protein desserts, weight loss, fit, fat to fit, protein desserts

Cocoa Balls with Protein Powder

These little healthy dessert cocoa balls get your sugar fix without all the guilt.  These little guys are perfect because...

kale salad, protein rich salad, healthy eating, weight loss, power salad

Kale Power Salad

This low calorie salad accompanies any meal. It’s totally dairy-free packed with a ton of flavor and crunchy goodness. Get...

healthy chicken parmesan, low carb meals, high protein meals, chicken dishes

Healthy Chicken Parmesan

This Keto-friendly Chicken Parmesan recipe uses almond flour and parmesan cheese to create the perfect coating.  Topped with a sugar-free...

spin bike, stationary bike, weight loss, bike exercise

4 Spin Bike Workout Benefits And How They Work

If you are looking for a great workout that burns a lot of calories, consider taking a spinning class. Spin...

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