peanut butter protein, fat to fit, healthy eating, protein powder

Peanut Butter Pie using Protizyme

Celebrate National Pie Day the right way! With a No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie. It’s cool. It’s creamy. It’s definitely worth celebrating! Our Peanut Butter Cookie...

chocolate chip batter, healthy eating, protein, fat to fit

Cake Batter Dip w/Chocolate Chips

This Chocolate Chip Cake Dip will have you licking the spoon for sure. Dip. Spread. Shmear. It’s fantastic! We used our Vanilla...

strawberry ice cream, protein, healthy eating, protein powder, fat to fit

Summertime MuscLean Strawberry Ice Cream

Summertime means Ice Cream! As much as we would all love to eat it every day, our figure might not...

Blueberry Cookies with  White Chocolate & Cranberry

Blueberry Cookies with White Chocolate & Cranberry

Every 4th of July Celebration needs some sweets and treats! Be the Star of the party with these Red, White,...

french toast sticks, healthy eating, protein, low carbs, fat to fit, health and fitness

French Toast Sticks

What’s better than French Toast? French Toast Sticks with warm Dipping Sauce! We suggest using our Butter Pecan Cookie Protizyme...

gummy bears, healthy eating, protein, fitness

Yummy Gummy Bears-Tri-Pep BCAA

We all know the benefits of BCAAs… Increase muscle growth Decrease muscle soreness Reduce fatigue Prevent muscle wasting Now you...

healthy living, healthy eating, protein, cinnamon rolls

Protizyme Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Talk about the ultimate comfort food! Something about a warm cinnamon roll…does it get any better?! It does when you...

banana bread, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, fat to fit, protein snacks

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Made With Protizyme

Talk about the ultimate comfort food! Protizyme Chocolate Chip Banana Bread! Emphasis on the chocolate chip. The entire loaf is under...

cheesecake, healthy living, healthy eating, fat to fit, healthy snacks

Delicious Protizyme Cheesecake Bites

We like simple recipes.  We’re talkin’ 3 ingredient, no bake, ready in less than 15 minutes easy! Protizyme Sprinkle Cheesecake...

granola bars, healthy eating, health and fitness

Amazing Protizyme Chewy Granola Bars

Back to school time is coming! Need a quick breakfast? After school snack? Put the kids on the bus and YOU need...

healthy eating, health and fitness, healthy snacks

MuscLean Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

Melts in your mouth. Not in your hand! Ok…we can’t completely guarantee it won’t get a little melty in your...

Building A Home Gym

Building A Home Gym

No one can deny the fact that we need to work out, and regularly. In this day and age with...

cross training, weight training, fat to fit, exercise, metabolism, fitness

Bodybuilding vs. Cross Training

Many people, especially those who are at the beginning of their gym journey, wonder what will bring them better results...

calories, healthy eating, metabolism, fitness

Are All Calories Created Equal?

Interestingly, the calories your body takes in may not be the same as the calories your body uses. A 2500...

brussels sprouts health benefits, health and fitness, weight loss

Brussels Sprouts and Your Health

Nature’s Perfect Food: An Anatomy of Brussels Sprouts For Your Health You may remember Brussels sprouts as those small, round...

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