How Long Should You Wait After Eating to Workout?

In order to get the most out of your physical fitness training, you need to know when and what to eat. Certain foods help build muscular strength, while others may simply give you the energy you need.

Timing is crucial if you want to get the most benefits from the food you ear. In general, waiting thirty minutes to two hours is recommended regardless of the amount of calories you eat. This gives the food a little time to settle, allowing your body to properly absorb the nutrients. No matter what part of the body you are training, you should make sure to eat three properly-timed meals per day.

When trying to improve what you eat, there are certain rules you can follow. Protein, for example, is great for building muscle. However, eating nothing but protein isn’t good either. To get the most out of your physical fitness training, you need a balanced meal of carbs and proteins. Ideally, this meal should be a healthy choice under 200 calories, which gives you plenty of flexibility in choices. A breakfast of apple slices with peanut butter and yogurt is a great choice. Cardiovascular fitness can also be improved with choices like eggs, brown rice, salmon, salad, or broccoli.

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