Personal Trainer Karen Roberts

Personal Trainer In Greenboro NPC Judge Karen Roberts

As a youth, I grew up as an active person pretty much eating anything I wanted along the way.  I competed gymnastics in elementary school.  In high school, I competed as flag and rifle twirler in the color guard and finally in college I was captain of the NC A&T SU Aggie Cheerleading squad.

After college every thing changed. Juggling a husband, a career and children make staying in shape very challenging.  My way of keeping my weight down was by going jogging.  And that I did!  Some days, I ran up to 10 miles!  As time went on, I felt something was missing, and I was right.
 Muscle tone!

Running has multiple benefits, however muscle tone was not one of them.  So in my early 30’s (Now 50!) I began lifting weights!  And WOW what a difference!  Not only will it redefine your physical shape, it enhances conditioning and maximizes endurance!  The diverse benefits achievable from working with weights led me to become a certified personal trainer so I can pass on this knowledge to others.

I live the lifestyle as a national competitor, a trainer, a competition judge and a coach for those who just want to get in shape to athletes preparing for competitions.
As your personal trainer, I will help you achieve your personal fitness goals by designing and implementing a plan specifically to meet your needs and desires.
So if you are serious about getting in shape, call, text or e-mail me today and mention Carolina Bodybuilding.…don’t delay!
Thanks again for visiting my site!

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