.Atlantic Coast Championships 2021 NPC Palmetto Classic Over All Winners 2021 NPC Charlotte Cup Over All Winners
 .Atlantic Coast Championships 
 2021 NPC Palmetto Classic Over All Winners 
 2021 NPC Charlotte Cup Over All Winners 

New Online Magazine!!

"ANNOUNCING" Carolina Bodybuilding Magazine is HERE! Print copy is available for pre-sale now! Carolina Bodybuilding Online Magazine is an informative, relevant magazine for people in the Bodybuilding/Power-lifting, Health & Fitness industry.

Coming Up:

Atlantic Coast Championships June 26, 2021 (Aug. Issue) (Sept. Issue) -NPC Stewart Fitness September 18, 2021 (Oct. Issue) - NPC Upstate Classic October 16, 2021 (Nov. Issue) -Mid Atlantic Classic October 23, 2021 (Dec. Issue) -Elite Muscle Classic November 13 (Jan 2022 Issue).

Some other features in the magazine are:

*Gym of the Month *Personal Trainer of the Month *PowerLifter of the Month *Recipes *Transformation Stories *Monthly Supplement Expert *Articles on: ~Food & Drink,~Health & Fitness, ~Natural Health, ~WeightLoss, ~Weight Training, ~Powerlifting, ~Bodybuilding ~and more! 🏋️

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Feature Video

Carolina Bodybuilding candid, sit- down interview with Kevin DeHaven 2021 North, South Carolina & Virginia NPC Bodybuilding Shows

Carolina NPC Leadership

Since 1982, the top athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique have started their careers in the NPC. Many of those athletes graduated to successful careers in the IFBB Professional League. NPC & IFBB Rules

Carolina NPC Chairman Tres Bennett

Marie Ann "Mo:" Newman Vice Chairwoman.

Promoter of the NPC Junior USA, Excalibur Classic, and the NPC Carolina State Championships. https://CarolinaNPC.com/


NPC Promoter of North Carolina NPC Elite Muscle Classic http://QuincyRoberts.com/

NPC Promoter of Southern Tournament Champions, Palmetto Classic, Victory Classic, Jay Cutler Classic, Mid-Atlantic http://www.kd-promotions.com/

NPC Promoter of the NPC Charlotte Cup, Stewart Fitness Championships. http:/JohnnyStewartProductions.com/

NPC Promoter of the Atlantic Coast Championships Jgrady818@aol.com

NPC Upstate Classic davinal1@hotmail.com

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