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I know the sacrifice, commitment, mindset, and the strength it takes to lose weight (20-40lb) to compete in a Bodybuilding show, to lose 10-20 lb for wrestling matches,  Powerlifting, or College football. I competed in over 18 NPC National and Natural local bodybuilding competitions, and hold the Mr. North Carolina NPC title.  I took 10 years off – didn’t go to the gym or eat healthy and Bass Tournament fished. One of my biggest accomplishments was to decide to get back on stage after being 50 lbs overweight. Just remember, ” It’s Never Too Late!”

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health and fitness, metabolism, weight loss, exerciseAs my fellow Coach, Larry stated, I share in his story with sacrifice and commitment to lose 20-30 lbs.  I did such a thing a few years ago and it changed my life.  Being a mom of two kids, I remember the struggle of working out, holding down a job, and keeping up a home. 20 lbs may not sound like a lot and everybody has their journey so if you’re on that journey, no matter the amount of weight you need to lose, keep pushing towards your goal – it’ll happen!  Here is a great article that is well worth reading:  Metabolic Conditioning Workouts.

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personal trainer, weight trainer, bodybuilding, health and fitness, metabolismAs a youth, I grew up as an active person pretty much-eating anything I wanted along the way.  After college, everything changed. Juggling a husband, a career, and children make staying in shape very challenging. My way of keeping my weight down was by going jogging.  Running has multiple benefits, however, muscle tone was not one of them. So in my early 30’s (Now 50!), I began lifting weights! And WOW what a difference! Not only will it redefine your physical shape, but it also enhances conditioning and maximizes endurance! The diverse benefits achievable from working with weights led me to become a certified personal trainer so I can pass on this knowledge  

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