9 Major Benefits of Running and Preparation Tips For Beginners

Running is one of the most effective and beneficial forms of exercise. It’s great for health, weight management, vitality and much more.

Preparation For Running Beginners

1. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet to provide fuel for your body when you run.

2. Make sure you obtain approval from your physician before you start running if you have any health problems.

3. Wear appropriate loose fitting clothing when you go on your run to ensure more circulation of cool air around your body. The body temperature rises when one runs. Furthermore, a good pair of running shoes is crucial to ensure it absorbs the shock created when your feet hit the ground.

4. If you are not used to working out, it’s best to start with brisk walking then jogging before graduating to running to give your body a chance to adjust.

5. Remember to warm up before running and take some time to stretch to cool down when you are done to avoid injuring your muscles.

6. You can use a treadmill or run outside, the choice is yours.

9 Most Important Benefits Of Running

Now that you are set to begin running below are some benefits you will gain in due time.

1. Weight Loss

Fat reserves stored in the body are burned to provide energy for your muscles when you run. For that reason it is important to run consistently a few times a week to get rid of stubborn flab for an attractive toned body.

2. Improved Heart Health

Running increases the heart rate that strengthens the heart muscles to pump blood around the body more efficiently. This greatly lowers the risk of a heart attack.

3. Muscle Toning thighs, health and fitness, metabolism, tone thighs

Running facilitates burning of flab around the body for toned muscles in the entire body. It also provides a lot of toning for the leg muscles, and overall, most runners who engage in this exercise regularly have firm and toned bodies.

4. Lowers the Risk Of Disease And Various Medical Conditions

Running makes people feel more energized; furthermore it promotes the production of good cholesterol and eliminates bad cholesterol that causes illnesses. A depressed person may overcome depression when they run a few times a week. Since burning fat occurs when one runs extra weight is eliminated for better quality of life. And the side benefits of weight loss is the curtailing of common obesity related illnesses, such as, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, incontinence, and certain cancers. Running also boosts the immune system to curb disease and make for a much more healthy person.

5. Increased Lung Capacity

More lung capacity ensures one receives more oxygen when working out for more endurance. In addition one is able to enjoy better quality of sleep to promote healing and repair of the body at the end of a demanding day.

6. Strong Bones

Running strengthens the bones for better support of the toned muscles; furthermore it reduces the risk of broken bones that could occur in persons with brittles bones and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis in women. Strong bones also ensure a great posture that is an advantage in making a great impression when associating with others.

7. Increased Flexibility

All the muscles in the body work together while running; therefore the body gets more flexible with continued running. Increased body flexibility makes it easy to get more work done in your active day. Furthermore, it could open more profitable doors for you in the career of your choice as you look more confident when you move more gracefully.

8. Increased Blood Circulation

Increased blood circulation occurs when the heart rate rises when one is running. As a result waste in the body is eliminated faster preventing it from accumulating and making you unwell. Also, increased oxygen in the body results in gorgeous skin. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before during and after the run to ensure you hydrate the body as water is lost through sweating.

9. Increased Physical Strength health and fitness, metabolism, exercise, resistant training

One acquires more physical strength when the body builds muscles after eliminating flab. It is crucial to skip a day in your running program to allow your muscles to relax after being stretched to the limit during the workout. Lingering pain in the muscles should be addressed by a qualified doctor to ensure you are not rendered immobile for a period.

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