7 Types Of Cardio Fitness Training

Cardio exercises bring up the heart rate prompting the burning of fats stored in the body to provide energy to the muscles. More oxygen is provided to the body due to increased blood circulation reducing the risk of a number of diseases and medical conditions, such as, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers too. There are different types of cardio exercises that one can do to remain fit, healthy and have more energy for daily activities.

It is crucial to get the go ahead from your doctor before beginning an exercise program if you have a medical condition or expecting a baby.

The Top 7 Cardio Fitness Training Include:

1) Low Intensity For Long Duration

This is recommended for a beginner who wants to keep fit by walking, cycling, jogging or swimming to prepare the muscles for more vigorous exercises. A pregnant woman can also do this work out to strengthen the body and maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. The recommended time for this workout is 40 minutes.

2) Medium Intensity for Medium Duration

When the muscles gets used in the above workout you can add more tension to them by introducing exercises that bring up the heart rate and a bit of breathlessness. Some of these exercises include playing single tennis for 20-40 minutes. Running is also another workout that can be included in this group; as a result fat loss is noticed fairly fast when remaining consistent with these types of exercises.

3) High Intensity For Short Duration

This can only be done for a short time between 5 – 20 minutes; sprinting is preferred by a number of persons. The same effect can be obtained by jumping rope or climbing stairs very fast, which, will raise the heart rate tremendously. But, it’s important to be careful to avoid injury during this type of workout.

4) Aerobic Interval Training  dance fitness, weight loss, confidence from dance, relieve boredom, fitness

Coordination is necessary in this workout as it involves alternating between medium intensity workout and high intensity workout allowing a break in between so that the heart rate fluctuates. Two minutes of fast running then slow jogging for 3 minutes and back to running fast without coming to a complete stop. Alternatively you can choose to do 5 minutes of hard work and 5 minutes of easy work. The muscles will contract and relax burning flab in the process for a strong toned flexible body.

5) Anaerobic Interval Training

This allows one to do a fast workout for a few minutes then rest for an equal amount of time and repeat until the allocated time is reached. The heart and respiratory muscles are strengthened by this workout and reduction of stress is experienced.

6) Fartlek Training

This involves all the above exercises done in one session; therefore sprinting for a few minutes then slow jogging brisk walking then using a skipping rope. These exercises promote the secretion of a chemical compound referred to as Myokines responsible for creation of new tissue and facilitating tissue repair. Walking, jumping rope and running stimulate bone growth for body strength and flexibility.

7) Circuit Training  circuit training, weight training, weight loss, aerobic training, heart healthy

This involves lifting of weights to work out the entire body; furthermore one can do one exercise for a few minutes before going to the next one. One can skip rope for a few minutes, indoor cycling for a few minutes before dancing vigorously to the desired tune. Furthermore, a treadmill will come in handy to burn those extra calories before the body gets a chance to convert them to fat reserves, which, it can store anywhere on the body depending on your genetics and other factors. This workout also promotes blood circulation efficiency and reduces blood pressure for a full life.

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